Winter Fair 2015

Dear All Parents,

Our annual seasonal fair is almost upon us. This year we are calling it the ‘Winter Fair’ rather than ‘Xmas Fair’ as a way of spreading out events during this hectic, yet fun and exciting time of the year. The date for your diaries is Sunday 22 November, 12 noon – 3.00pm.

We shall be holding a meeting at the school on Thursday 12 November next week at 8.00pm to finalise details of the Winter Fair and to organise the delegation of work amongst volunteers. Everyone is welcome, so please feel free to come along.

The Winter Fair is a key fundraising event in the school year, and in order to continue its success to date, it requires help from all parents in the school in the form of making donations (see below), making of homemade goods, offering skills and services for free and volunteering before, during and after the event to ensure everything runs smoothly. We’ll need at least 50 volunteers on the day. There are competing areas within the school that have funding needs, and a specific fundraising goal will be made clear very soon.

A noticeboard will be going up outside the school at some point next week so that you can sign up for your volunteer slot. This could be sorting out the bags of donations and setting up stalls before the fair, it could be cleaning and tidying the school and leaving it ready for classes on Monday morning, or it could be taking a shift assisting on a stall. If we could get one parent from each family to help out that would make a huge difference.

Here’s a list of the things we need:

  • Toys (not broken, with missing pieces or junk please)
  • Books and DVD’s
  • Bric-a-Brac
  • Raffle prizes
  • Nearly new clothes and accessories
  • Home-made items, ie. baked goods/preserves/sauces/lemonade etc (to be brought in on the morning of the fair)

Apart from the home-made goods, all the other items can be brought to the school on Wed 18th Nov, morning and afternoon and Thurs 19th, morning and afternoon.

And finally, as a way of building up to the event, here’s a couple of things that you could bring into school in the weeks running up to the fair starting tomorrow!:

  • Ask your children to bring in all your loose and collected brown money for our game of guessing how many pennies are in the jar.
  • Ask your children (or not!) to donate all/some of their Halloween jelly stash. We’ll re-package them and sell them in attractively decorated jars and call it re-cycling!

That’s probably enough for now. There will be more updates in the coming weeks. So, with 3 weeks to go, we’re on a mission …

Many thanks

PA Committee


Donore Avenue, Dublin 8

Phone: 01 4542679