Some December Activites

We had a great day at the Jeanie Johnston. We took the bus and walked the rest of the day down to Custom house quay where the boat is docked. We had a look around and listened to Laura our tour guide as she told us all about the journey on the Famine ship. The children behaved really well and Laura was so impressed by all their knowledge. Well done 3rd class! By the time we had finished we had missed both small and big break- the children were starving and decided that this is how people must have felt during the famine! ;) They definitely appreciated their lunch that day!



We learned about the Jewish holiday Hanukkah and about the origins of the holiday. We talked about Judah Macabee and the miraculous oil that lasted for eight days. We then learned the Dreidel song. Watch the video of us singing along!  IMG_8329


In maths we learned all about money and adding big and small coins and notes. The children then had to come up with a three course menu to feed four people on a budget of twenty euro. They were given catalogues from various supermarkets and had to source their entire menu from what was available in the catalogues. The children worked really hard and really well on this task and showed great team work. I was very impressed with their budgeting skills and enjoyed listening to their “arguments” on what they could and couldn’t afford. They ended up being quite the thrifty bunch! In the end they came up with some delicious sounding recipes and a big well done to the “Furious Grannies” who won the Dojo point challenge for this task!



Some videos of us discussing our shopping lists!





In Gaeilge we’ve been learning about eadaí ( clothes) and now this week it’s Nollaig! ( Christmas) Which of course means we’ve had to learn “Buladh Bos” IMG_8330


We did some “Snowman selfies” where we made selfie faces in to mirrors and then imagined ourselves as snowmen (or women!) We had a great giggle doing this and they look great hanging in our classroom. Come and have a look!



 A video of us getting in to Christmas spirit while making our snowmen!



We had great excitement in the school when the Sam Maguire came to visit.  Though I think the children were more excited about the fact that Dean gave them a night off Homework!

IMG_8380 IMG_8378IMG_8310IMG_8317

In PE we’ve been practising our Dribbling and our throwing and catching.


Some videos of us practising!




Reader theatre Drama: In Drama we took inspiration from books from the Junior Infants classroom and put our own spin on them We read the books in groups and then wrote a script. We then acted it out for the rest of the class. They were absolutely fantastic and very funny! Unfortunately I can’t upload all of them as they’re too big but have a look at the couple that I could upload.

Bob the bumbling builder IMG_8342

In the wild woods IMG_8343

Five minutes peace ( I think a lot of parents might appreciate this one!)  IMG_8345


And sometimes with all our hard work we just need a bit of a Brain break with some Zumba!  IMG_8349

It’s been a busy start to December. We have a lot more fun things planned so check in next week for all our updates!






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