September – All about the Stone Age!

As part of our studies on the Stone age we learned about the three different periods of the Stone Age. The Paleolithic, Mesolithic and the Neolithic. We learned about the different types of houses they lived in during the different times. Our ” Hunter – Gatherers went to Sundrive park to collect leaves and twigs to bring back to school. Once we returned we made stone age houses using what we had found plus some clay. We had a lot of fun!

We read all about the famous paintings found in Altamira in Spain and in Lascaux in France. We then made our own cave painting. It was very tricky as we had to pretend we were painting in a cave. The lights were out and the paper was stuck to the bottom of the tables. We really experienced what it might have been like to paint in a cave! We then put some of our paintings in to our very own “cave”  We also learned about their early pottery and made some of our own coil pots.

We read the book Stone Age boy by Satoshi Kitamura.  From that we learned about how they hunted food, the weapons they used and how they made food. We learned how to grind flour using a quern and we then made our own stone age bread and berry jam. It was very tasty!

In geography we learned about the three different ways to classify rocks. We then made the different classifications using chocolate, cereal and marshmallows. The best part was getting to eat it once it was metamorphic rock!

In maths we revised place value and also added and subtracted three numbers. We made some great bar charts as a class and also had a look at estimating and measuring objects; including ourselves!

We finished off our studies of the Stone Age by taking a trip to Archeology museum on Kildare street. We completed a stone age trail and then treated ourselves to lunch and play in St. Stephens’s Green. It was a fantastic day.


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