School News 30-11-2015

Dear Parents,


Clothes recycling collection tomorrow! Towels and sheets welcome as well as clothes and shoes. No duvets or pillows though.


Thank you so much for your wonderful support of our concert last Friday. Sorry that some of you didn’t have seats – we are victims of our own success! The church is such a lovely atmospheric venue for an “Advent” concert that we are reluctant to move the event elsewhere. 


There was a donation bucket for our instrument fund, but I know that a few people didn’t have a chance to contribute as it was all so crowded. If you want to drop in a donation the bucket is still open! But no pressure, you all were so supportive of our Winter Fair and with Christmas coming up, there probably isn’t a lot to spare…just mentioned it in case it was something you wanted to do on Friday and couldn’t find the bucket.


Can I remind you that this Wednesday we have our Internet Safety and Anti-Cyber-bullying Day? A company called Zeeko is coming in to give an input to parents from 8:15 am till about 9:00 am. All parents from 2nd Class up welcome. You can bring your children in with you if you wish and they will be supervised in the hall. There will then be lessons for all classes from 2nd up to 6th Class during the school day. After school there will be a session for school staff. The children filled in anonymous surveys about their internet use and Zeeko is analysing these at the moment – I’d say there will be some interesting findings!


Other dates coming up:

On Thursday December 10th, 5th and 6th Class will be attending the Smock Alley Theatre production of “A Christmas Carol”. This will be a fabulous chance to see a professional theatre company at work and the play is a timeless classic. The performance takes place during the school day so no issues of collection. 


On Thursday December 17th we have a visit from Katch-22 company with their Christmas panto, “Snow White”. The performance is at 1 pm and is for the whole school so Junior and Senior Infants will need to be collected at 2:20 pm that day instead of 1:20 pm.


Both the above shows are being funded by your field trip donations.


Our school Carol Service will take place on the morning on December 22nd at 10:30 am, after which the children can go straight home for the holidays. Parents welcome…but get there early if you want a good seat. Or in fact any seat at all!


Just a little word about treats on Friday. The idea is that as we have very healthy lunches for the rest of the week we can relax the rules a bit on Friday and allow each child to have a “treat”. This should be something like a packet of crisps (single size) or small bar of chocolate / candy. Large bags of sweets or full party cylinders of Pringles (intended for sharing) are leading to children eating a lot of junk which I’m sure is not what you are intending. Maybe you could say to the children that if the privilege is being abused, we might have to say “No treats at all!!” We would much rather not have to confiscate and give out, but large treats are a no-no!


Thanks again for all your co-operation and support.


Kind Regards,




Donore Avenue, Dublin 8

Phone: 01 4542679