School News 12-02-2016

Dear Parents,

On Monday we will be having a one-off “football activity day” with FAI coaches, kindly organised by Leigh Hamilton and Aaron Shearer. Each class from 1st up to 6th will be brought down in turn to the St Catherine’s Sports Club and given some tuition in football (soccer) skills. The emphasis will be on fun and participation for all, so no child needs to feel stressed about having no footballing experience or perceiving themselves as not good at football. 

Please ensure your child is suitably dressed for football on Monday, e.g in a tracksuit or jog pants and runners. The lessons will be indoors.

On Wednesday, as you probably know, we are having a “Bio-Diversity” Day and we are encouraging the children to dress up, with the theme being “Endangered Species”. A list of the world’s most endangered species is on the WWF website, if anyone needs inspiration. The aim again is fun and awareness-raisin, and nobody needs to have an elaborate costume. A headband or animal-print teeshirt would be fine! No problem if you want to give free rein to creativity, but don’t get stressed!

Just reminding you about our “Quiet Box of Kindness”. It’s in the corridor on the office windowsill and children can just contribute “quietly”! Do encourage them to bring in even 20c of their own money or maybe get them to do a little chore for you and donate their earnings to the box. The whole aim is to educate our children about how lucky they are and how they can help those who aren’t as lucky.

Also reminding all 5th and 6th parents, as well as 4th Class parents whose children are in the Senior Orchestra, that their children will be needed to play in the Wesley College Feis on March 5th, probably around 2 pm. 

Next Thursday and Friday the school will be CLOSED for the mid-term break.

Kind Regards,


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Donore Avenue, Dublin 8

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