School News 03-02-2016

Dear Parents,

I hope the term is going well for all of you so far. 

Just a few items of interest:

  • We have a collection box for old mobile phones, so if you have any to recycle, please send them in. Both the school and the charity Autism Action Ireland will benefit, see the attached letter from the charity for more details.
  • We’re starting to think about organising swimming lessons for some of the classes in the next term. Before we go ahead, we would like as many of you as possible to complete our survey on the issue. Swimming is part of PE according to the Department of Education, but there are no funds available to pay for it and varying attitudes on the part of both children and parents. So we’re trying to find out what you think! I will forard you the survey in a separate email.
  • The Senior Orchestra has been entered in the Wesley Feis, which is taking place in Wesley College on Saturday, March 5th at 2 pm. It’s a competition for primary school orchestras and would be a great opportunity for the children to showcase their talents. Many thanks to Hilda for organising this. We hope that all the children from 5th and 6th Classes, plus our few extra guests from 4th Class, will be able to make it. The Feis shouldn’t last longer than about an hour and a half, and we will organise transport from the school for those who need it. Please let us know as soon as possible if your child cannot be available.
  • Next week, Wednesday February 10th, sees the start of Lent. We will be using the Christian Aid Lent Calendar to help children focus on themes such as caring for the environment, global citizenship and making the world a better place. There will be a daily reflection, sometimes led by a child, and we will be encouraging them to donate small amounts of money to charity. There will be an anonymous “Kindness Box” to which children can contribute. We are asking you to support us by encouraging the children to donate their own money. For example, if they usually get a treat on Friday, they might forgo it, or have a smaller treat than usual, and donate what they save. Or give a small amount of their pocket money. What’s important is not raising money in itself, but rather raising the children’s consciousness about the plight of others on the planet and how they can help. There will be one Lenten Church Service on Wednesday, February 24th at 11:00 am in the Church of St Catherine and St James. All parents and friends welcome. The service will be conducted by Mr Andrew Forrest, Principal of The High School.
  • Meanwhile….enjoy Pancake Tuesday!

Kind Regards,



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