Place Value and Poo: a busy start to 5th class!

Welcome to the 5th class page!


I am delighted to have such a motivated and enthusiastic gang of students this year! They have made a fantastic start to the year, throwing themselves into every challenge with energy and curiosity.
In maths we have been building a deep understanding of place value, taking a leaf out of the Singapore Math method which has been growing in popularity worldwide. To this end, we have been building decimal numbers in concrete ways, using place value grids, money and bead strings. Once we were secure in these skills we moved on to trading tenths for units and hundredths for tenths when necessary, discovering new mental methods of addition and subtraction along the way. In the pictures below you can see some of our young mathematicians in action!
We’ve been working hard on our SESE as well. I’m sure your children have already told you the gory details, but suffice to say we haven’t been afraid to get our hands dirty – be it building models to represent the layers of the earth, making our own fossils or even rummaging through ancient Mayan poop to find dietary evidence (Thanks to Stephanie in 3rd class for that great idea!)


There’s been so much more going on as well, but your children will do a much better job of telling you about it than I ever could. Enjoy these few pictures of fifth class in action, and watch this space for another update soon!




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