Pets & Vets – Outdoor Play

Every Friday we play outside.  We play in water, sand, mud, role play, construction and small world.  We use real pots and pans, real wood and pipes and our imagination.  Our play house has become a hotel, a fire station and a vet’s surgery to name but a few! All the children have been asked to bring in wellies and a full set of raingear.  This all comes in handy when experimenting with water and pipes (the children are usually soaked) but also in the mud pit! With our wellies on we can jump in puddles.  The children use water from the rain water butt to make mud pies etc.  It is the best part of the week for some.  We play in the rain and the cold and sometimes our hands are stinging because we are freezing but its always great fun.


following the water from water play down the drain….I was told this was the river Poddle first then it became the Liffey!


Making a skeleton – with a heart!!!


Now can you see why we need our rain gear?!


This was before they got really dirty!!!


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