In November the children made fantastic art based around our class novel “Under the Hawthorn tree”

They made dioramas and pictures which focused on a particular chapter of the Novel. I was blown away by the result of their hard work. They put a lot of detail and care in to their art and the results spoke for themselves. If you have a spare moment pop in to the classroom and check them out.

IMG_7678 IMG_7675

IMG_7839 IMG_7585

IMG_7837 IMG_7834



In History we learned all about the Famine. We talked about the causes of the famine, the work houses and the famine ships. The children then wrote letters to their loved ones back home after they had survived the journey to America or Canada.

IMG_7919 IMG_7810IMG_7916

In Geography we looked at the provinces and counties in Ireland. We learned the name of the counties and the provinces through a song. Ask them to sing it for you! We then looked at our own county of Dublin. We made posters and leaflets to advertise Dublin as a tourist destination and the winning group- The Dojo Dominators earned themselves Dojo points and House points! Well done Rosa, Roísín, Oísin and Elliott!

IMG_7703 IMG_7702

IMG_7700 IMG_7698

IMG_7696 IMG_7694



In PE we focused on gymnastics and the children learned lots of different rolls and balances. They then put all their new moves together in to sequences which they performed for their class. The children worked really hard on this and I was really impressed by their skill and determination.

IMG_7793 IMG_7792 IMG_7665 IMG_7659 IMG_7910 IMG_7909 IMG_7906


In science we looked at forces. We looked at different types of bridges and then made our own ones- we estimated which ones would take the most weight and then did experiments to see if our predictions were correct. We also spoke about gravity and made our own paper helicopters!





Videos of our paper helicopters! IMG_7593IMG_7599

Having fun with our maths problems!


Having fun at play!




Great music from the children at the Advent Concert.



Finally the children did really great work as part of their November menu Homework. I saw fantastic Haikus, impressive famine ships and got some great “Teach me” presentations. Well done!




It was an action packed month in third class and I look forward to the festive madness in December!


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