Malahide Castle

23rd November 2016

Malahide Castle Trip

To continue our November theme of Weather and the Seasons we all headed to Malahide Castle to meet Damien and Margaret from Hiking Ireland.

We saw squirrels hopping from branch to branch.  We walked in the treetops (using mirrors!).  We flew kites and parachutes.  We looked for bear houses.  We searched for bats and hedgehogs. And……we woke Karen from her hibernation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Using mirrors to walk in the branches

Flying our kites!


Trekking through the forest looking for bears and their homes

Waking Karen from Hibernation!!!! First we buried her, then we tried very hard to wake her up.

Later we searched for bats and hedgehogs.  It was a team challenge which was brilliant fun, whilst chasing around the trees!


We had a fantastic day out.


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