Learning through play: Pets and Vets and Polar Regions

In November we learned all about caring for pets, making sure they have enough food, water, exercise, that they are kept clean and taken to the vet when they are sick. We used containers with different capacities to mix up some medicines to help sick animals, created x-rays of animals with broken bones, and set up our own grooming parlour and vet surgery.

We were lucky enough to have some very friendly animals come to visit us during this theme- including Holly’s budgie, Freya’s goldfish and Aoife’s Bichon Frise. Thanks for coming to see us! We also went on a very interesting trip to the DSPCA to meet some animals that are waiting to be rehomed.

In January we learned about the Arctic and the Antarctic. Our role play corner was transformed into an Arctic safari and base camp Antarctica where lots of very interesting research was carried out on polar animals and ice. In science we explored ways of slowing down or speeding up the melting of ice cubes, and we created layers of ‘blubber’ using margarine to keep our hands warm when we plunged them into ice-cold water. We constructed igloos from plastic cups, Arctic animal dens using cocktail sticks and marshmallows, and built some very long and exciting snowball runs.

We hope you enjoy the pictures of us hard at work!

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