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Learning through play: Holidays, Dinosaurs and a trip to Imaginosity

Senior Infants spent most of May on the very summery theme of Holidays, where we focused on travelling by air and a country study (chosen by popular vote) of Australia. We had a lot of fun packing suitcases for various sunny destinations, making planes out of junk, weighing and scanning bags and passengers – and confiscating any extra ...

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Learning through play: Superheroes, Spring and the 100th day of school

In February we started our Superheroes topic. One of our favourite characters from the stories we read was Supertato and of course his nemesis, the Evil Pea. In art we used real potatoes to create our own Supertatos, and some people even made Evil Peas as well. We set up a Superhero HQ in role ...

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Learning through play: Pets and Vets and Polar Regions

In November we learned all about caring for pets, making sure they have enough food, water, exercise, that they are kept clean and taken to the vet when they are sick. We used containers with different capacities to mix up some medicines to help sick animals, created x-rays of animals with broken bones, and set up ...

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Schools and Forests

Senior Infants started the year with an Aistear theme we knew quite a bit about already: school! We interviewed a few of the people who help us in St Catherine’s, such as John our lollipop man, Breda our cleaner and Karen our principal and found out all about their jobs. In role play we worked hard ...

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The Grand Canal

One of my favourite topics to teach – The Grand Canal. During the month of May we walked along the canal, we watched a documentary on TV about the Royal Canal, we studied bridges, we learned about pollution, we built bridges and we played and learned all about the creatures that live along the canal. ...

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Canal Walk

At the beginning of May we started studying and learning about the Grand Canal.  We went on a walk and saw a moorhen’s nest with chicks, swans, the lock at Portabello, lots of dirty rubbish, ducks, reeds and lilypads. We created our own outdoor classroom, where we had our lunch and then did some work! ...

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Barge Trip – 7th June 2017

Today we went on a very exciting trip.  We sailed on a barge through Lock C4 at Mespil Road. The lock keepers opened the lock for us, we sailed down through the lock and then back up through it. Short but sweet and really exciting. Have a look at some of the captains on board!!!

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Malahide Castle Trip

To continue our November theme of Weather and the Seasons we all headed to Malahide Castle to meet Damien and Margaret from Hiking Ireland. We saw squirrels hopping from branch to branch.  We walked in the treetops (using mirrors!).  We flew kites and parachutes.  We looked for bear houses.  We searched for bats and hedgehogs. ...

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Weather & Seasons – Small World

Above you can see that the children created a mall world in autumn. And here you can see these children preferred winter!

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