About Our School

About Our School

Quality Inclusive Education

St Catherine’s National School, managed by the Church of Ireland, is dedicated to providing a high-quality Christian education. Our school embodies a Christian ethos, emphasizing the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” At St Catherine’s, we foster a friendly, family-like atmosphere, encouraging each child to excel. We believe every child has unique talents and something valuable to contribute. Our mission is to help each student discover and develop their individual abilities in a supportive environment.

Our guiding principles are to embrace and celebrate the individual, develop and nurture relationships and to build and value community.  These guiding principles underpin everything we do in St. Catherine’s N.S.

Our Colourful Staff

Currently the school has eight full time teachers, four Special Education Teachers and six special needs assistants. The Principal is Karen Jordan.

Board of Management

The body responsible for the running of the school is called the Board of Management and is made up of 8 people. The Board is elected every 4 years. The members of the board are representative of the various partners in education. The Chairperson and one other member of the community is appointed by the Archbishop of Dublin. Two parents are elected by the general body of parents, one teacher is elected by the teaching staff, two others are chosen from the local community and the school principal is also a member.

The Chairperson of the BOM is Mr David Thomas.

Ralph Benson

Ralph is father of two boys in the school. He is the treasurer and one of the parent representatives on the board. He has a degree in English and Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin. He qualified as a chartered accountant with EY in Edinburgh before moving to London for several years. Back in Dublin since 2016, he is co-founder of online financial advisor firm Moneycube.ie.

Les Weekes

Les Weekes went to The High School, worked in Smurfit Kappa as a Sales Representative until retirement five years ago.  On the Vestry in St Mary’s Church, Crumlin for 30 years.This is his 2nd term on the Board of St Catherine’s. 


Eoghan is married to Becky and they have three grown up daughters. He studied theology at St Mellitus College in London, was ordained as a priest in 2012 and is currently the lead pastor of Saint Catherine’s church which is part of the United Diocese of Dublin & Glendalough

Olwyn Griffin

Olwyn Griffin is the mother of four children in St. Catherine’s, all of whom are continuing a long family history of many generations attending the school since 1907. She is also a Clinical Psychologist; she studied in Yorkshire within the NHS, and then returned home to Ireland, to work in the HSE in 2004, where she works with adults, children and families. She joined the Board of Management in 2023.


Amanda is a communications specialist with over 20 years experience working with Irish companies. An advocate of sustainability, she works as an editor for community-building not-for-profit, Neighbourhood Network, and runs a handmade business focused on repurposing discarded items using traditional crafts. Whilst her children attended St Catherines, Amanda chaired the Parent’s Association, and has continued to support the school as a volunteer and contributor to the School’s fundraising fairs. Amanda volunteers for community groups in Dublin 8 which gives her important insight for her role as Community Representative on the School Board

The Board of Management can be contacted by post using the school address or via email: boardofmanagement@stcatherinesns.net

Guiding Principles


Open Days, Concerts, Assemblies, GraducaAon, Showcases, STEM day, Intercultural Week

School Community

Buddy Reading, House Teams, Buddy Walks, Student Council, Assemblies, Green Schools, AcAve CommiKee, STEM CommiKee


Guest Speakers, Philosophy, Enquiry Based Learning, Aistear, Science Blast, Curious Minds, Field Trips, Outdoor EducaAon

Building & Valuing COMMINITY


SET Supports, NEPs, NCSE, SLT, OT, SIM School, NCCA, PDST, LEANS, Neurodiversity & RegulaAon Breaks

Wider Community

Home School Links, PA, Fundraising, Support, Showcases, Holocaust EducaAon Ireland, Donore Credit Union, Christchurch, Whole School Assemblies

Reflective Practice

Wellbeing, Respect, Support, Encouragement, Individuality, Golden Time, ResotaAve PracAces

Golden Rule

Fund Raisers, RestoraAve PracAce, Wellbeing, EmoAonal RegulaAon, ChrisAan Ethos

Developing & Nurturing RELATIONSHIPS

Creative Arts

Music, Art, Drama, Poetry Slam, STEM


SPHE Programmes, Stay Safe, Internet Safety RSE, Friendship & AnA Bullying, Awareness, Wellbeing


Sport, AcAve Weeks, Skipping, GAA, PE, Running, Cycling, Soccer, Boxing, Yoga, GymnasAcs, Swimming, Dance

Embracing & Celebrating THE INDIVIDUAL

Guiding Principles

Building & Valuing

Developing & Nurturing
Embracing & Celebrating






St. Catherine’s National School on Donore Avenue, Dublin 8, has a rich history deeply embedded in the fabric of its community. A school in the parish of St. Catherine was first mentioned in 1711, near Thomas Street by St. Catherine’s Church.


Opening it’s doors in the summer of 1902, the new school on Donore Avenue initially served as a beacon of education for the children of Church of Ireland families in the area. It was built at a cost of £3,300 to accommodate 500 children.


Over the decades, St. Catherine’s has evolved to meet the changing needs of its students and community. Committed to academic excellence, personal growth, and community engagement, it has welcomed generations of families through its classrooms.


Today, St. Catherine’s National School continues to uphold its esteemed reputation as a cornerstone of education in Dublin 8, shaping the minds and futures of countless students who walk through its doors.

We are the very proud custodians of the Stolperstein Memorial  in Ireland.

Speech by our Principal Karen Jordan.

Image: Marc O’Sullivan.

Stolperstein Memorials, translated as “stumbling stones,” are small, brass plaques embedded into sidewalks throughout Europe, serving as poignant reminders of the individuals who fell victim to the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Each Stolperstein commemorates a specific person—often a victim of Nazi persecution, including Jews, Roma, homosexuals, political dissidents, and others—by listing their name, date of birth, deportation, and fate. These memorials, created by German artist Gunter Demnig, aim to personalise the enormity of the Holocaust by connecting individuals to the places where they once lived. Stolpersteine invite passersby to pause, reflect, and remember the lives lost, ensuring that their stories are not forgotten.

These stones are usually placed outside the former residences of the victims. This is the first location that is not a home. Ettie Steinberg who was murdered along with her husband and young son, was a past pupil of St Catherine’s N.S. and we were honoured on the 1st June 2022 to invite her family along with the families of the other Irish victims Isaac Shishi and Jeanne and Ephraim Saks, and dignitaries to our school for the unveiling event.

These humble yet powerful memorials serve as a testament to the importance of remembrance and the enduring commitment to never forget the darkest chapters of history.

Holocaust Education Ireland: Read More

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