A December update from 5th class

We’ve been very busy in 5th class over the last couple of months. Enjoy these few pictures of us hard at work – investigating, creating, researching, debating and discovering.

In science we investigated a fun reaction that occurs when soap is added to food colouring and milk. We designed fair tests, changing one of the variables each time, to help us figure out what was causing the reaction. In the pictures you can see us repeating the same experiment with skim milk, cream, and sour milk and observing the different reactions.


In maths we are mastering division and multiplication. We have learned multiple methods for each so that we will always be able to check our work, even if a calculator is not available. We are also learning that multiplication is the inverse of division, and we can use that knowledge to check answers too. It’s really important that we understand what is happening when we multiply and divide, so challenge us: ask us to demonstrate one of our methods to you and we will explain each of the steps!


In art we have used styrofoam plates to make prints of rainforest animals. First we did careful observational drawings from photographs, then we traced our drawings onto styrofoam plates and make our first prints. We then used sections of the printing plate to pick out details in different colours.


We have now moved on to still life, creating close-ups of fruit in charcoal. We have been focusing on showing the texture of the different skins, as well as using shading to create images that appear 3D.


In PE we have taken part in the excellent Ruggakids programme, learning tag rugby and teamwork skills over four great lessons.


As part of our local history topic, we visited the Little Museum of Dublin and enjoyed seeing and interacting with all of their exhibits as well as being taken on a very informative tour of the building!


We’ve also been learning about the French Revolution. We wrote our own ‘Tennis Court Oaths’, solved the “Murder Mystery” of a peasant who starved to death in 1789. We then retold the events of the revolution in the first person by imagining what historical figures such as Marie Antoinette would have tweeted, if Twitter had existed in 1799.


Fiona has been really impressed with the great learning attitude she sees every day from 5th class. They always aim high, and are constantly on the look out for ways to improve their work. When something is challenging 5th class keep at it and know that they will get there eventually. Well done to everyone for a great year so far!


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