Creative Writing

The Big Write

4th Class Creative Writing

4th Class are focusing on considering the reader in their creative writing. Every Wednesday, we have our ‘Big Write’. We plan our stories and follow our plans to create the most exciting, interesting, and absorbing stories we can! Sometimes, we write together as a class, sometimes in smaller groups such as pairs, and sometimes on our own. Please read some of the examples we have posted here. We are very proud of our efforts.

Big Write

A Hallow’een Tale

The clock struck twelve as the Leprechaun walked up the dark street. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a man-shaped piece of paper jumped out at him. The Leprechaun fell on the ground in surprise. The paper man introduced himself as Jimmy. The Leprechaun was mad at Jimmy for frightening him. Jimmy laughed and said to the Leprechaun to get out of his way.

The Leprechaun got up slowly on his hands and feet. He followed Jimmy up the street. The mean Leprechaun spotted a hole and pushed Jimmy into it. Unfortunately, the Leprechaun fell into the hole too! Jimmy was upset and shouted at the Leprechaun. They looked around themselves and saw a large maze. The Leprechaun remembered hearing something about a dangerous maze.

The Leprechaun also remembered something about booby traps in the maze so they sprinted past it. They saw a big yellow and pink house far away and ran toward it. They entered the house but it was very unpleasant inside. It was disgusting. There was a smell of rotten socks. Jimmy and the Leprechaun decided to help each other to escape this rotten house. They found a rope. They rushed out of the house with the rope back past the maze to the hole.

Finally, the Leprechaun put Jimmy on his shoulders to climb out of the hole. The Leprechaun climbs the rope that Jimmy was holding for him. Jimmy and the Leprechaun went back home together chatting about their adventure. They became fantastic friends until they died!

Story Planned by Ava.                             Story Written by Aymin.



Escaping the Time Machine

By Nina Roantree

Hi, I’m Nina and I am going to tell you about the biggest event of my life!

I was trotting along the dark, windy, country road, when I heard whispering. It was getting louder. Now it sounded like a heated discussion. I tip-toed toward the source of the sound but suddenly it stopped. Somebody hit me on the head and all I saw was black.

Next thing I know, I’m strapped into a chair. Not any old chair, but a proper leather chair, which was completely white. I tore my eyes away from the arms of the chair and looked around the room. It looked like I was in a white bubble; everything in it was white.

I jumped as a voice spoke. I looked around for the source and looked straight into what looked like a fifty inch television and even that was white! The man on the television was grinning from ear to ear. When he spoke again, he used a deep, booming voice that echoed everywhere.

He said “we are sending you to the ice-age in this time machine”. He gestured around the room. “It probably won’t work. So you will without a doubt die in the operation. We’re just using you to see what we need to improve. Goodbye!”

The screen turned white again and I was dead scared. But then I saw a hole in the wall. I fumbled with the knots, eventually escaped and lived happily ever after!




4th Class Shared Writing (Whole Class)

Jane’s World Cup Trip

Early in the morning, I woke up in Southampton. I jumped out of my bed as today was the day I was going to London to see Ireland play Italy in the RWC.

After I got ready and had my breakfast, I darted to the train with my bro’ and sis’-in-law. We didn’t want to be late as I had planned a trip to Spitalfields’ Market before we went to the match. The train journey was uneventful.

Finally, we arrived into Waterloo station. Mark started stressing about which direction we should go on the Circle Line. Karen and I chuckled as we knew the only possible direction was East! Thankfully Mark saw the humour in the situation.

After all the fuss about the directions, we finally arrived at Spitalfields. We casually walked from Liverpool St. Station to the market. Mark noted the size of the corporate buildings around Liverpool Street. Karen pointed out a building which had a picture of Robert Peel. She reminded us that he established the English Constabulary and the police were known as bobbies because of the connection with Robert Peel. She further stated that policemen’s hats have a tall round peak to make the policeman seem intimidating to any would-be criminals.

As we approached the market, Mark decided to get himself a coffee and sit out in the sun while Karen and I perused all that the market had to offer. While Karen and I were strolling through the stalls, Karen’s eye was drawn to an exotic painting. The colours jumped off the canvas and Karen decided she would have to come back to Spitalfields another time to buy it. When we were finished scouring the marketplace, we re-joined Mark and headed back to Liverpool St to get the Central Line to Bethnal Green. My favourite pub there served the most scrumptious pizza that I knew Mark and Karen would devour.

Stuffed and groaning with bellies full of stone-baked pizza, we staggered back on to the Central Line and headed out to Stratford. We were delighted by the sight of a sea of green jerseys. We smiled to each other and commented that this was really a home match for the Irish rugby team. We slowly made our way into the stadium and squeezed through the crowd to our seats. A few minutes later, the teams were announced and ran out on to the pitch. The crowd went wild! Italy won the toss. Parisse set the pace for Italy. I almost immediately began to worry for Ireland. I didn’t feel that we were playing to our usual standard. Suddenly, the Italians knocked on the ball, an advantage quickly claimed by the Irish as Jonno Sexton kicked the ball to touch. We won the line-out, and Keith Earls scored a much needed try to put five points on the board. I was particularly delighted to see Earl’s return to form continue. I would love him to have a really memorable world cup.

As the clock ticked down, my blood pressure rose at the mere three point difference. Furthermore, we were now a player down as a result of O’Mahony’s foul. Even though it was only eighty minutes, it felt like a lifetime and I breathed a huge sigh of relief when Sexton kicked the ball to touch to end the game.

To allay my fears regarding the French match, Mark observed that it is truly a good team who wins when they’re playing badly!


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