28-01-2016 Junior Yard Playground Initiative

Dear Parents,

We have been experiencing a few problems in the Junior yard at lunchtime. Children have been feeling unsafe and some children’s behaviour has been less than acceptable. Some children seem to think that it is acceptable to hurt others and some children are being prevented from having a choice in how they spend their lunchtime and who they play with. We have noticed an increase in injuries and there have been complaints. We have put together this new initiative in the hopes that we can make every child’s playground experience a happy, safe and fun one.

We are looking for your help and support, in a number of ways, with this project. Firstly, we want to paint the Playground Rules on the wall in the carpark area of the front yard. Do you or any adult that you know have the equipment or the time and expertise to help with this? Secondly, we need you to speak with your children about the playground rules, acceptable behaviour, feeling safe and unsafe and finally what to do if your child feels unsafe or hurt in any way.

How this initiative will work :

  1. Traditional playground games will be taught to the children during PE times for the next couple of weeks
  2. Chasing will be curtailed with certain classes only allowed chase on specified days, if they choose this activity.
  3. Playground rules will be painted on the wall and all children will be reminded of these regularly
  4. ‘I am pleased’ notelets will be given to children who make an effort to play safely, show good manners, play well, line up quietly, ask someone to join in a game and refuse to be drawn into a fight
  5. After a verbal warning if misbehaviour still persists a child may be given an ‘I am disappointed’ certificate which is placed in a box in the office. At the end of the week, if a child’s name is in the box more than once the Principal will be asked to speak with the child and parents will be notified of this misbehaviour.
  6. First class children will be able to apply to be ‘Playground Friends’.
  • They will formally apply for this job
  • They will be ‘trained’ for the position
  • They will be timetabled for a week.
  • They will have a special ‘uniform’
  • They will help solve problems
  • They will remind everyone of the rules
  • They will suggest solutions to problems that occur
  • They will grow in confidence, develop their own sense of turn taking, self-esteem, problem solving etc.
  • They will be rewarded for their efforts

We are truly hoping that this will help all children to feel happier and safer in the yard. If there is anything above that you would like any more information on or if you have any ideas or initiatives that might help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards

Karen, Tracy and Sharon


Our Rules for a Happy Playground

  • No fighting
  • Be kind : everyone is allowed play, people are not teased or insulted.
  • No play-fighting, wrestling or games that involve pulling at each other, even in fun.
  • No climbing.
  • Stay away from the ramps and the car-park area.
  • Keep your rubbish in your pocket of lunch box/bag
  • Enjoy the games equipment.
  • Respect property.
  • Footballs in back yard only.
  • Wear suitable shoes for play.
  • Stay in the yard except to go to the toilet.
  • Obey the adult on duty. Tell if there is a problem.


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E-mail: secretary@stcatherinesns.net