Learning through play: Superheroes, Spring and the 100th day of school

In February we started our Superheroes topic. One of our favourite characters from the stories we read was Supertato and of course his nemesis, the Evil Pea. In art we used real potatoes to create our own Supertatos, and some people even made Evil Peas as well. We set up a Superhero HQ in role …

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Learning through play: Pets and Vets and Polar Regions

In November we learned all about caring for pets, making sure they have enough food, water, exercise, that they are kept clean and taken to the vet when they are sick. We used containers with different capacities to mix up some medicines to help sick animals, created x-rays of animals with broken bones, and set up …

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April 2018

We continued to learn about flight and also myths and legends from around the world. We started swimming lessons, which was very exciting. We also had our very first 'Saint Catherine's Got Spirit' day, which was fantastic! Well done to our representatives Annabel, Sonja, Laura and Viola, who did an amazing job in the variety show. ...

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March 2018

In March we learned about birds and flight. We made bird feeders and had a great trip to Glendalough.

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February 2018

? February was all about our chicks! There was great excitement in the classroom waiting for them to hatch and I think we all agreed it was well worth the wait! The class all "mucked in" by helping out with cleaning and feeding. We kept an observation diary, drew pictures and wrote sentences on the ...

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