19-12-2016 School News


Dear Parents,


On Wednesday, we will be having a big practice for our Carol Service in the Cathedral. Please make sure your child is in school in good time that day, as we will all be leaving to go to the Cathedral shortly after 9:00 am. 5th and 6th Class pupils will need their instruments and anyone from any class who will be wearing a costume needs to have it in on Wednesday.


The practice will be a dress rehearsal and will give the children a chance to watch each others’ performances, as at the “real thing” the children will be in the side aisles and won’t be able to see!


The “real thing” is happening on Thursday at 10:30 am and we do hope to start promptly. Parents will be admitted from 10:15 am onwards. The Cathedral stewards will be checking tickets and you must have your ticket to be admitted. They have to be very strict about security and have asked me only to issue tickets for the number of people who can be seated. So I am sorry, but I cannot do anything for people who arrive at the last minute and want to attend. Anyone who has already asked for extra tickets, I will do my best for you but I cannot make the cathedral hold more than it does!


The children should come to school as normal on both Wednesday and Thursday and will be walked down to the Cathedral by the school staff. Again, please have your child at school in good time on Thursday as we will be leaving for the Cathedral very soon after 9:00 am. The service should last a little more than an hour and after it, we will line the children up in the Cathedral grounds, in their classes, and will dismiss them as we do at school. So when the service is over, we’ll bring the children out of the Cathedral first, line them up and then you can come and collect them. We won’t be bringing children back to the school – please make sure they’re collected from the Cathedral! Most children will have at least one parent there, but if you can’t make it, can you please make sure someone is organised to bring your child home? Thanks so much everyone for your co-operation.


It’s been a great term, well done to all of you for your support and help. I hope you all enjoy the service and that it will be a very meaningful and joyful start to your Christmas.


Have lovely holidays and all the best for 2017.


Kind Regards,








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