19-06-2017 Friday concert

Dear Parents,

As you all know, we are having our end-of-year concert on Friday of this week, June 23rd. It will take place at 6 pm in the Donore Avenue Community Centre.
Please have your children at the school at 5:45 pm. to get ready. Each class will be walked down by their teachers when it’s their time to perform. At the end of the concert they can be collected from the school.
There is only enough seating in the hall for about 300 people. That will be just about enough to accommodate all parents. If you were planning to bring other guests (grannies etc!) could you let me know? Also let me know if you cannot be there, as that would free up a seat for someone else!
We are having an informal “run-through” in the school on Thursday at 11:00 am. This will be a chance for the children to watch the other classes’ pieces. If you cannot make it on Friday, we will be able to squeeze in a few parents for the “run-through” / dress rehearsal. Again, please let me know if you would like to do this. As you’re all aware, we’re a bit squashed!
We have decided not to charge for the concert itself this year, but the refreshments afterwards in the school, organised by the Parents’ Association, will cost €5 per adult – no charge for the children.
Hope you all have a lovely evening on Friday and in the meantime…enjoy the sunshine!
Kind Regards,

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