18-05-2017 PA: St. Catherine’s Quiz Night 2017: Trivia Fact No.3

Dear Parents,


Just 2 days to go until the St Catherine’s annual Quiz Night takes place this Friday May 19th @ 8pm in McGowan’s. Only 2 days to shake out the cobwebs and prepare to prove that you are indeed the sharpest tool in the parental shed. To additionally reward our attentive email audience, we have another tidbit of interesting bit of Dublin 8 History for you ahead of time. Historical knowledge is indeed power in the world of quizzes!


Did you Know???


Fact No. 3: Robert Emmet was executed outside St. Catherine’s Church on Thomas Street on September 20th 1803.


Robert was a well heeled young lad who was raised in his parents’ town house in St. Stephens Green and attended Trinity in 1793. As tends to happen, he fell in with a bad crowd in college and soon he was involved in secret revolutionary activity. His clandestine political activism didn’t go unnoticed and he was expelled in 1798. He was on the sidelines of the 1798 rebellion on account of having to flee to France to avoid arrest. Undeterred, young Robert sought support from Napoleon for an armed rebellion but ultimately decided to rely on his own craft, returning to Ireland in 1802. He began preparations for another rebellion in 1803, secretly manufacturing explosives and weapons in various parts of Dublin. An accidental explosion in one of his plants killed a man and attracted unwelcome attention. This prompted Robert to launch an earlier than planned rebellion. Robert was unprepared and his rising was little more than a skirmish on Thomas Street. Still it was High Treason and was punishable by death – hanging, drawing and quartering being the preferred method of the day. Emmet’s speech from the dock and his parting letter to Sarah Curran made him a nationalist hero and a romantic icon which have kept his name alive to this day. His body however died outside St. Catherine’s on September 20th 1803.


So … now you’re a little better informed on Dublin 8 history which might just work to your advantage in the coming days!



Finger Food (well … sausages & chips) will be served at the interval courtesy of McGowan’s on Friday but don’t skip dinner – you’ll need the ‘soakage’!


Tickets Going Fast – so buy in advance or get there early!!!


Advance tickets are available at pick-up and drop-off time. Sales have been brisk this week and we’re on course for another busy quiz night. Buying tickets ahead of time will speed your entry and minimise hassle on the night. If you are planning to buy tickets at the door, please do arrive well ahead of time to avoid disappointment.


Get there early even if you have tickets.


We will be starting the quiz at 8 but you’ll need to get your table number, your answer sheets, and a table to sit at before we can start. You may want to get some drinks before we kick off also – so please arrive in plenty of time.




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