17-05-2017 PA: St. Catherine’s Quiz Night 2017: Trivia Fact No.2


Dear Parents,


Just 3 days to go until the St Catherine’s annual Quiz Night takes place this coming Friday May 19th @ 8pm. To further reward our attentive email audience, we thought we would share another interesting bit of Local Trivia ahead of time. Trivial facts are your best friend in a quiz!


Did you Know???


Fact No. 2: Christ Church cathedral is home to a mummified cat and rat known as Tom & Jerry.


Christ Church is one of the iconic sights of Dublin 8 and was the venue for the breath taking St. Catherine’s Christmas carol service in 2016. The cathedral’s crypt is well worth a visit and the crypt’s most popular residents are Tom and Jerry. The mummified pair were discovered in an organ pipe in the 1850’s, presumably after a chase. The pair are now on display in the crypt where their eternal chase can be contemplated by visitors. The dynamic duo (okay they’re a static duo) even got a mention in Finnegan’s Wake!


So … now you’re a little better informed on local folklore which could be useful in the near future!



Tickets Going Fast – so buy in advance or get there early!!!


Advance tickets are available at pick-up and drop-off time. Sales have been brisk this week and we’re on course for another busy quiz night. Buying tickets ahead of time will speed your entry and minimise hassle on the night. If you are planning to buy tickets at the door, please do arrive well ahead of time to avoid disappointment.


Get there early even if you have tickets.


We will be starting the quiz at 8 but you’ll need to get your table number, your answer sheets, and a table to sit at before we can start. You may want to get some drinks before we kick off also – so please arrive in plenty of time.



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