15-01-2017 School News

Dear Parents,


Welcome back to a new term at St Catherine’s.


Just reminding you once again that school is CLOSED this Tuesday for staff training.


After-school activities forms are to be back in on Wednesday of this week and the activities themselves start next week (i.e., the week beginning Monday January 23rd). However chess coaching is starting this week – Senior Club on Monday afternoon, A team on Wednesday morning and B & C teams Friday morning.


A few children learn flute as part of our orchestra programme. Their teacher is Jessica Smith. She will be taking her pupils tomorrow as usual but after that her day will change to Tuesday.


We have entered that Dublin Diocesan Choir Competition for Primary Schools. The first round of the competition will be on Saturday, February 12th at 2 pm in St Brigid’s NS Castleknock. The choir will primarily composed of children from 5th and 6th Classes (I may choose a few “subs” from younger classes) and we will be singing three songs from our National Children’s Choir repertoire. Parents of 5th and 6th Class children, please let me know asap if by any chance your child cannot take part on Saturday, February 12th. We don’t normally ask the children to do anything school-related on a Saturday but I’m sure you will agree their singing is outstanding this year and I would love them to compete to the highest level. We will organise all transport etc for the day and the competition itself should not take longer than a couple of hours.


Parent-teacher meetings will take place on Friday, January 27th. Rosters will be placed on the door this Wednesday so you can sign up for the slot(s) that suits you. As most of you will be aware from previous years, these meetings have to be quite short and focused – if you have already had some in-depth conversations with your child’s class teacher, you may not need to attend this one! If you feel you are going to need more time, do make an appointment for a different day.


We have a huge number of coats, scarves, lunch-boxes etc stacking up at the school. They will have to be taken to a charity shop soon! Please come in and have a root if you think one or more of these items could belong to your child.


Kind Regards,




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