14.09.2017 PA News

Welcome to a new term of activitiesActivities will commence week beginning 25th September and run until 15th December. There will be a mid term break from October 30th until November 3rd. There are no activities on these days

Hopefully all the children will have received the activity forms today, We would, if at all possible, like to get these handed back to the teacher on the door by tomorrow but, at the latest, Monday 18th to the teacher on the door. If you do not find a sign up sheet or timetable in your child’s schoolbag you can print a copy of the attached.

Please note the following:
Due to the increased number of children in the school and also an increase in the number of available activities in recent years, we have seen a surplus in the Parent Association account. As a result we are able to reduce the cost of After-school activities this term
All activities this term, with the exception of Ukulele, will be priced at €30 per child. This is a flat rate – there is no sibling discount this term
The ukulele classes last term were €55, based on an 8 week term. As this is an 11 week term the price would have been €77. We are, however, maintaining the price for ukulele at €55 this term
Hopefully, after review at the end of this term, this pricing structure can continue in Term 2
With regard to the schedule, please note:
  • Creative Writing is back this term
  • Toastmastering will not take place this term
  • Unfortunately, due to lack of coaches, Swimming will not take place this term
  • Sewing has returned on a Monday for 2nd – 6th Class
  • Art Classes have returned on Friday for 1st – 3rd Class
Please also note that our football coach has requested that we restrict the number of children in Football 1-4 to an absolute maximum of 18.

Please be attentive while filling out forms as some children miss out on preferred activities due to incomplete forms. All contact details need to be filled out and the form signed otherwise unfortunately we’ll need to return it to you

If you choose to pay by Bank transfer please ensure you clearly identify your payment (and also please remember to transfer it!!)
With regard to supervision it is required that each child is represented by a parent or minder at least once during term for every activity they attend. A separate email will be sent out on this
As always the committee are here to help with any questions you may have. If anyone is experiencing financial difficulties please let us know. The activities are here to be enjoyed by all children of the school
St. Catherine’s N.S. Parents’ Association


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Phone: 01 4542679

E-mail: secretary@stcatherinesns.net