13-12-2016 School News

Dear Parents,

Our internet was down all day today at the school, so I wasn’t able to reply today to all those of you who came back to me about tickets for Christchurch. Hopefully back to normal tomorrow.

 I will be giving the children of those parents their basic two tickets unless they requested fewer.I’m giving all other parents until Friday at 2:30 pm to reply and then I will be distributing all the unclaimed tickets among the people who were looking for extra tickets. So do please get back to me if you want to come to the service.

There has been an outbreak of graffiti writing on toilet walls in our school. Please talk to your children about this behaviour as it is sometimes very difficult and time-consuming to get to the bottom of this. Most of the children behave perfectly in the toilets and they do not want to be confronted with graffiti. I certainly don’t want to spend my time scrutinising it either. So please speak to your children about it and let us know if you can throw any light on it.

Juliet who runs the after-school care service has asked me to let you know that she has a few vacancies from January 2017 on. Her email address is julietccronin@gmail.com and her phone number is 086-1024849 if any of you are interested.

Finally, a very tame and sweet little budgie flew into our school yesterday. We bought a cage etc for him and he is now ensconced happily in one of the classrooms…but do any of you know of a family distraught by the loss of their pet? If so we can return “George” to them in good condition. 

Kind regards,



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Donore Avenue, Dublin 8

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