12-03-2016 Parents’ Association

Dear parents

Please find attached forms for Pupil Personal Accident Insurance with Allianz. Students took forms home in their school bags yesterday, but unfortunately they were not the correct ones. So please can you use the attached, thanks.

We have taken out this insurance for children at St Catherine’s before and it has been of great benefit to a number of parents whose children have injured themselves or needed urgent care.

If we take out this insurance now it will cover our children inside and out of school until 31st August. The cost is 9 euro per child.

As this application is somewhat delayed can we ask that if anyone is interested they put the completed form/s with cash for the correct amount into the Parents Association box in the school corridor by Tuesday 15th March.


Donore Avenue, Dublin 8

Phone: 01 4542679

E-mail: secretary@stcatherinesns.net