09-12-2016 School News

Dear Parents,


Please could we all, once again, check and treat for HEADLICE. Let’s make this the “Nit Nightmare” weekend where every single child’s head is cleared for Christmas.


In fact I have penned a seasonal poem on the topic. When you have finished groaning, please let it inspire you to huge louse-killing efforts.


‘Twas the nightmare before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a louse.

The nit-combs were sharpened and readied for war

And lotions and potions stood ready to pour.


The headlice were settled and snug in the hair,

When a sudden attack caught them all unaware.

The battle was swift and the nits were all banished,

And now from our school the critters have vanished.


No scratches, no itches, no creepy-crawl feeling,

Just shiny clean hair which is so appealing.

Now Christmas is coming and we all say “Hurray”!,

For we’re nit-free at last, and we’ll stay that way.


Our Carol Service this year will be in Christchurch Cathedral. It will take place at 10:30 am on Thursday, December 22nd. The Cathedral is strictly limited as to numbers, so they have asked us to put a ticketing system in place.In order to be admitted, you must have a ticket. Every family will receive two tickets on request – email me if you are planning to come to the service and if you require both tickets.If you have no access to email please send me in a note via your child.


Inevitably some parents will not be in a position to attend, so there will be some extra tickets. Please email me if that’s the case so that I know I can dispose of your ticket to some other lucky person! If you would like more than two tickets (e.g. for a grandparent or older sibling), please let me know when you email. I can’t guarantee more than two tickets to each family but I’ll do my best to accommodate you on a first-come first served basis. It’s a lovely event, in a beautiful setting, and you will all have a seat!  The service should last about  an hour.


On the day, children will come to school as normal and we will walk them down to the cathedral. Doors will open for parents and other attendees at 10:15 am. After the service children will be matched up with their parents and their Christmas Holidays will officially begin. We will not be bringing children back to the school so please collect them from the cathedral at approx 11:30 am or arrange for someone else to do so.


There will be an extra practice for the Senior Orchestra (5th and 6th) on Tuesday morning. Please remind your children to bring their instruments in that day!


Kind Regards,









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