07.11.16- October Round up – All about Egypt

In Maths we started to learn all about Multiplication and I was so impressed with how quickly the children grasped the concept. We played some great  games, made our own board games and even wrote our own story about a magic multiplying Spider in Ancient Egypt. It was fantastic! We also had a great morning in Marsh’s Library to do a Number Hunt. There was some great team work and well done to the children who even won some prizes!

We learned all about mummification in Ancient Egypt and the different steps involved. We then mummified our own apples and left some in a bag without salt to see the difference. In a week we noticed that the apples in salt had dried out and the other apples had turned to mush. We are currently in the process of mummifying a chicken “Chicopatra Chickenkamum” ( well done to 3rd class for coming up with such a great name!) so check back in a few weeks when it should be ready.

We learned all about Hieroglyphs and how to read the writing of the Ancient Egyptians. We then made our own papyrus and wrote our names in Hieroglyphics.

We found out that Ancient Egyptians believed in lots of different Gods. We then had our own X factor competition to decide on the best God in Ancient Egypt. Well done to Luke ( Anubis) who was crowned the winner!

We had another great visit to the museum,this time to visit Ancient Egypt. We got to see some mummies, canopic jars and hieroglyphs. We then got to make our own scarab beetles while we were there. It was a lot of fun.

We finished up half term by making some spooky art, sharing our ghost stories that we had written in Writer’s workshop with the class and a fancy dress party with some treats and a movie, we were all very excited!


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