07-06-2017 Sports Day tomorrow – hopefully!

Dear Parents,

Our School Sports Day, weather permitting, will take place tomorrow, Thursday June 8th in Kevin’s Hurling Club, Dolphin’s Barn.

If it is raining tomorrow morning, bring the children to school as normal and you will be advised of an alternative date, probably next Monday, June 12th.

Assuming Sports Day goes ahead:

If at all possible, please bring your children directly to the Sports Grounds. Some members of staff will be there from 9:00 am on, and the races will start at 9:30 am So bring them any time between 9:00 and 9:25 am.

If you cannot do this, bring your child to school as usual, and they can walk up with the other teachers and staff. It’s just a bit of a hike especially for younger children, so if you could bring them, or arrange for someone else to do so, that would be great. We found that especially the very young children found the walk very tiring last year.

The children will not need schoolbags tomorrow (unless it’s raining!), but they will need:

  • A good lunch – one small treat allowed. No giant bags of sweets!
  • Sunscreen – they will be out in the sun all morning.
  • Raingear – weather could be changeable.
  • A potato and spoon – dessert spoon or tablespoon, not a teaspoon! No ladles….
  • No three-legged race this year, so no ties for legs!

Parents and friends are most welcome to come along and watch but please…No dogs! Also be mindful if taking photographs that other parents may not wish their children to be photographed, and especially not if it will be shared on any forum. These are the times we live in!

Infants can go home with parents straight after their last race, which will be the house-teams relay race. It’s hard to know, but we hope that will be at around 12:00.

There will then be one more race for the older children, the long-distance.

Children can then go home with their parents (probably around 12:30pm). Children who are not collected once the Sports Day is over will be brought back to school and can be collected at the normal time. If older children bring in a note to say they may make their own way home after Sports Day, they will be allowed to do so, otherwise they will have to come back to school, where they will be supervised until the normal going-home time.

Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow. It’s usually very enjoyable, and thanks in advance to the Parents’ Association for providing fruit!

Kind Regards,

April Cronin.


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