07-03-2016 Parents’ Association – After-School-Activities

Dear Parents,

All afterschool activities are finishing up this week.

They will of course start up again a few weeks after the Easter Hols.

We are very keen to get gymnastics back on the schedule, but securing the services of a gymnastics coach is proving difficult; if anyone out there knows of a good children’s gymnastics coach who might have a spare hour on Wednesday afternoons please give us a shout!

Supervision Issues..

Unfortunately many parents have not turned up to supervise over the past few weeks, causing mayhem. School staff and other parents have had to step in at the last minute, which I’m sure we all agree is unfair. Please, if you are down to supervise, make a note of it, put it on the calendar, get a tattoo – whatever it takes to make you turn up!

Massive thanks to all who have done their bit.

Lost Items

Some snow boots and snow pants were mislaid at Football 2 on Friday last week. If anyone saw them or knows of their whereabouts, please let us know and we can help reunite them with their owner :-)

Lastly, we hope your children have enjoyed their activities this term. Thank you very much to all who have paid; if you have an outstanding bill please pop it into the Parents Association post box this week if at all possible.

Best wishes,

St Catherine’s N.S. Parents’ Association



Donore Avenue, Dublin 8

Phone: 01 4542679

E-mail: secretary@stcatherinesns.net